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Global Atlantic Re foundation and the BEDC Celebrate Successful Pitch Competition

Global Atlantic Re foundation and the BEDC Celebrate Successful Pitch Competition

Hamilton, Bermuda 2 October 2023 – The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) and the Global Atlantic Re foundation are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the “Wave of Opportunity Pitch Competition.” The event occurred on September 28th at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club. Over 150 people attended to support the 11 entrepreneurs who pitched, marking
a crucial moment in bolstering local entrepreneurship and highlighting Bermuda’s business talent. Elevating the event’s energy was the evening’s MC, Dr. Teneika Eve; her presence and engaging style not only captured the audience’s attention but also created an electric atmosphere, perfect to accompany the pitch competition.

Darryl Herrick, President of Global Atlantic Re, expressed, “It was inspiring to witness the spirit of entrepreneurship on display here in Bermuda. We here at Global Atlantic want to congratulate the winners as well as the finalists who participated. These businesses are what drive growth on the island and create the special community we are honored to be a part of and support.”

Jr. Minister of Economy & Labour and Public Works, Senator Leslie Robinson, said, “I want to emphasize that tonight’s event is not just about celebrating the winners; it’s about celebrating entrepreneurship, innovation, and the limitless potential within our business community. We encourage all entrepreneurs in Bermuda to seize the opportunities that initiatives like this pitch competition provide.”

Erica Smith, Executive Director of BEDC, also offered her insights, saying, “The level of innovation, creativity, and drive we witnessed was nothing short of extraordinary. I know the judges had their work cut out for them in choosing the winners; it’s a testament to the quality of talent we have here in Bermuda.” She added, “Congratulations to the winners—your hard work and vision have earned you a stepping stone that will help take your businesses to new heights.”

The competition saw Tia Crockwell of OnSight Optometry, Kisha Tyrrell of Enzuri Beauty & Wellness, and Davida O’Brien of Vida Fusions win the top three prizes, as well as Sabriuna Wilkinson of Nurture Laiche, receiving the youth entrepreneur award. Each winner was granted a $25,000 grant to help elevate their business endeavors.

The pitch competition is a cornerstone of the partnership between BEDC and the Global Atlantic Re foundation, with this joint effort allocating capital grants totaling up to $150,000 every other year to foster Bermuda’s small business sector, generate employment, and energize the local economy.

The People’s Choice Award was introduced to allow one more worthy contestant to secure a $25,000 grant. The public is invited to watch the pitch presentations on BEDC’s YouTube channel and cast their votes through the link in the video descriptions. This addition brings a participatory aspect to the event, giving the community a voice in shaping Bermuda’s entrepreneurial future. The seven
entrepreneurs that are eligible for the People’s Choice Award are: Antoine Jones, Distinct Collective; Aaron Lugo Jr., Lugo’s Mighty Mower; Najee Musson, 24/7 Lush; Felica DeRoza, Dayrosia; Gavin Carter, Gavin’s Butter; Keisha Allen-Smith, Target Learning; and Dr. Jade Templer and Kelly Madeiros, Solstice.

The competition’s success has set a new benchmark for what collaborative endeavors can achieve, reinforcing BEDC’s ongoing commitment to supporting small and medium-sized businesses in Bermuda. The community is encouraged to watch BEDC’s website and social media outlets for more information on upcoming events and opportunities.

About BEDC

The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) is Bermuda’s source of free, confidential business advice. The mission is to actively assist the development of a strong, well-managed and prosperous local business sector in Bermuda.   The key objective of the BEDC remains providing a broad range of business advice, counsel and financial assistance to local businesses in Bermuda.  

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