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How to Complete the Business Continuity Funding Documentation

The Bermuda Government has provided BEDC with $12M to assist Bermuda’s local small and medium-sized businesses with sustainability and continuity funding in the wake of Covid-19. This webinar, presented by Erica Smith, BEDC Executive Director, will help you to understand the process, documents and requirements of the application process. She will walk through how to complete the Business Continuity Funding Documentation for all of the products, including direct micro loans, relief grants, as well as BEDC guaranteed bank loans and overdrafts. You will learn how and where to apply, what is required and what to expect throughout the process. Ray Jones, BEDC Director of Finance, Data & Administration, will also join the webinar to discuss the main area that hangs up businesses in the application process, the financial portion. Ray will discuss the key funding documents needed to be successful in the application process, why they are important, and how to produce them. He will outline how to produce the cash flow projections and complete the profit and loss statements that are needed to process your application. You will also learn about the other initiatives that BEDC has developed to assist small and medium sized businesses at this challenging time. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.  
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