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GEW 2022 Rocket Pitch Competition

GEW 2022 – Rocket Pitch Competition

The newly remodeled Bacardi 1862 Bar was the venue for the 15th Annual Rocket Pitch Competition. Twelve entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas in front of a panel of judges on Tuesday, November 15 in the hopes of winning their share of $42k in cash and startup services. The Competition, which this year, was sponsored by the BEDC, the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Bacardi, Horizon Communications, HSBC, Arch Re., and the Economic Development Department, has helped to launch or expand over 80 businesses.

Businesses ranging from vending machines to holistic body treatments were pitched in six categories including Pitch Pink (Tourism), Pitch Tech, Pitch Town (Local), Pitch Green, Youth Pitch and Pitch Food & Bev. First-place and second-place winners were chosen for each category with each finalist walking away with a cash prize – 1st Place: $5,000 & 2nd Place $2,000 – and a startup services package, sponsored by local businesses.

This year’s 1st place service package included:
Logo design package by Embellish Graphic Art & Design, $1000 towards incorporation services provided by Smith Bean & Co., free and discounted access to the Growth and Profits Simplified Network by Fusion 4 Business, and access to a wide variety of membership tiers from LeadxDesign’s digital suite.

This year’s 2nd place service package included:
Free and discounted access to the Growth and Profits Simplified Network by Fusion 4 Business, and access to a wide variety of membership tiers from LeadxDesign’s digital suite.

The winners of the 2022 Rocket Pitch by category, included:

Youth Pitch sponsored by Arch Re.

1st Place Winner: Smart Snaxx – a business focused on providing healthy snacks in bulk to schools and shops; including cookies, popcorn and donut balls by Oseah Douglas

2nd Place Winner: Lugo’s Mighty Mower – a business providing high-quality lawn service at an affordable price by Aaron Lugo Jr.

Pitch Tech sponsored Horizon Communications and the Economic Development Department

1st Place Winner: 24/7 Lush – a business that provides improved technology in vending; whether it be for cosmetics, clothing, on-the-go food options, grocery items or pharmaceuticals by Najee Musson.

2nd Place Winner: Enlightened Expertise – a business that oversees, performs and consults on electrical, solar and battery storage installations, maintenance, repairs and new builds by Joshun Stovell.

Pitch Pink sponsored by the Bermuda Tourism Authority

1st Place Winner: Dayrosia – is a soap manufacturing company using locally sourced ingredients that are widely known to have amazing skin benefits by Felica DeRoza.

2nd Place Winner: Off-Grid RV Company – an eco-lux brand allowing guests to connect with nature and experience the outdoors of Bermuda in an Airstream RV while off- grid by Tomika Pacheco.

Pitch Green

1st Place Winner: Strange Bird – a wellness-focused, unisex skincare brand. They create luxury, ingredient-focused, easy-to-use products that deliver healthy and sustainable results through simple routines by Camily Lovell.

2nd Place Winner: Lacquered Lounge – is a business focused on providing non-toxic services and products whilst being eco-conscious in their operations by Astoria Smith

Pitch Town sponsored by the BEDC

1st Place Winner: Craze & Rage – a non-conventional yet comfortable, fun and safe space that offers everyday people like you and me the opportunity to indulge in their destructive desires by Calshae Iris.

2nd Place Winner: Royalty Bookstore – a bookstore focused on highlighting Bermuda’s national heroes, whilst also enhancing children’s knowledge of their history, allowing them to develop a greater appreciation by Bryce Williams.

Pitch Food & Bev. Sponsored by Bacardi Ltd.

1st Place Winner: ate@8 – a business that plates food through performance, for corporate and private clients looking to take the boredom out of boardrooms and celebrations by Tyka France.

2nd Place Winner: Vida Fusions – is a business providing ready-to-drink mocktails, CBD infused and alcoholic beverages along with their own syrups by Davida O’Brien.

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