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BEDC Corner Greg Maybury

BEDC Corner – Greg Maybury

Welcome to the BEDC corner; here, you will get a chance to meet the dedicated members of our team and Board. We will share our thoughts on entrepreneurship and what it means to provide support and help you build your dreams.

This month we feature Greg Maybury, BEDC Board Member.


  • What excites you about entrepreneurship?

I think what excites me most is seeing what one person’s ideas and efforts can do for themselves, their family, and their community. Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to learn at a faster rate, express your creativity, and have increased freedom all while solving the problems of those around you.

  • What advice would you give to someone who is trying to become an entrepreneur?

Do your due diligence and come up with what you believe is a foolproof plan. Where possible, you can then run these ideas by trusted advisors and you should be genuinely open to their feedback. Once you’re ready to start, make sure you stay patient and persistent. Anything worth doing is going to take time, effort, and dedication to bring to fruition.

  • What is your role at BEDC?

I’m serving in my fifth year as a board member and I’m currently on the committee for the communications unit which is responsible for media relations, advertising, and events among other things.

  • What is the best part about being a member of the BEDC team?

I enjoy getting an up close view of talented and inspired individuals who are committed to the success of Bermuda and Bermudians. The team’s truly determined to help wherever possible and I’m happy I have the chance to contribute alongside them.

  • What role does entrepreneurship play in the future of Bermuda?

Entrepreneurship is a huge part of our future. There’s plenty ventures to be undertaken that will bring or keep us up to speed with the rest of the world. In doing so, I’d expect job creation, improved living standards, and development of our communities, both physically and socially.

  • What trends have you noticed emerging within Bermuda’s Entrepreneurial Landscape?
One thing that I’m confident everyone is appreciating is an improved online presence of Bermudian businesses lately. It’s so much easier now to lookup information, order online or book appointments from our phones. This added convenience for consumers creates greater sales volume for local businesses.
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