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BEDC Corner Delight Morris

BEDC Corner – Delight Morris

Welcome to the BEDC corner; here, you will get a chance to meet the dedicated members of our team and Board. We will share our thoughts on entrepreneurship and what it means to provide support and help you build your dreams.

This month we feature Delight Morris, Deputy Chair of the Board.

  • What Excites You About Entrepreneurship?

I see entrepreneurs as magical way-makers. They conjure up business solutions to problems we may not even yet realize are ACTUAL problems. The entrepreneurial mind addresses unmet needs and empowers the community with the tools to make our lives more convenient, more beautiful, or just better.  I am excited about the wave of new Bermuda entrepreneurs whose imaginations are crafting products and services that will transform this country with practical innovations, socially-conscious approaches, and authentically Bermudian perspectives for local and global audiences.

  • What Advice Do You Give to Someone Trying To Be An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs will face rejection; they will experience failure and bouts of terrifying uncertainty.  This will happen throughout the entrepreneurial journey, which can be incredibly lonely. That’s why I encourage all entrepreneurs to find a mentor or join a community of entrepreneurs so that they can share their issues with others who understand the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs. However, it is critical that budding entrepreneurs understand that while failure is a guaranteed part of the entrepreneurial journey, it does not represent the end, it is just an axis point to pivot. Over the years, the one commonality I have observed in entrepreneurs of all levels is grit – the ability to persevere and evolve despite the obstacles that threaten the viability of one’s business.

  • What’s Your Role at the BEDC?

As Deputy Chair of the BEDC, I, along with my fellow board members, am charged with developing strategic initiatives that will support and stimulate growth within our local entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have an intimate understanding of the obstacles faced by start-up business owners in Bermuda. I am honoured to be in a position to share that intelligence with the executive for the benefit of our clients. I hope my insights can empower the organisation to best guide the community of small and mid-sized businesses that we serve.

  •  What’s The Best Part of Being A Member Of The BEDC?

Interestingly, while I come to the BEDC with decades of experience as an entrepreneur, I find with each interaction, I learn as much about entrepreneurism as I impart.  It is a beautiful, reciprocal arrangement and I am inspired by the creative minds of the BEDC client business owners, as I am by the leadership within the organisation and the accomplished international partners with whom we connect.

  •  What Role Does Entrepreneurship Play in The Future Of Bermuda? 

The future of Bermuda will be brighter because of entrepreneurs, through the jobs they create, the innovations they introduce, and the progressive change they make in our world.  The growth of the entrepreneurial class is exciting news for this country and I predict will be the key to the country’s economic and societal progress.

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