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Small Business Tool Box

Small Business Tool Box

The BEDC offers a wide range of resources to help you start and manage your small business. Our Small Business Tool Kit provides information on starting your business, human resources, accounting and operations.

BEDC Covid-19 Documents, Applications & Resources

BEDC Support & Stimulus Package
BEDC Business Continuity Micro-Loan Application Form
BEDC Business Continuity Micro-Loan Business Profile
BEDC Business Continuity Micro-Loan Checklist
BEDC Business Continuity Micro-Loan Scope Process and Product Details
BEDC Cash Flow Statement Covid-19
Personal Financial Statements Excel Tool
COVID 19 Relief From Banks
Covid Relief from Government
Marketing Provider List
Financial Service Provider List
Coronavirus Press Release


Small Business Start Up

eBusiness Local Guide
Business Plan Checklist
Preparing Your Personal Financial Statements
Three Common Forms of Business Structures
Financial Services Providers
Guarantee Applicant Checklist
Business Plan Template
10 Step Guarantee Process
BEDC Micro-Loan Checklist


Human Resources

Employment Contract
Statement of Employment Template
Statement of Earnings & Deductions
Certificate of Termination
Four Compulsory Employee Benefits
Small Business Insurance Guide
Confidentiality Agreement
Payroll Tax Relief Notice


Sources and Uses of Funds Statement
Monthly Loan Calculator
Cash Flow Statement
Personal Financial Statements
BEDC Loan Guarantee Application
BEDC Micro-Loan Scope Process and Product Details
BEDC Micro-Loan Application
BEDC Micro-Loan Business Profile
BEDC Micro-Loan Reference Forms


Business Purchase Checklist
Business Sale Checklist
Sample Partnership Agreement