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48 Church Street, Hamilton Bermuda
48 Church Street, Hamilton Bermuda

About the Event:

Thriving! Together: Festival of Entrepreneurship
A Space to Discover, Celebrate, Get Inspired, Connect and THRIVE!
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Do you own a small or medium-sized business? Or maybe you’re interested in boosting your local community? If so, we have the perfect event lined up for you!
Thrive! Together will be a gathering of like minded entrepreneurs and community leaders and service providers, focused on the continual growth and support of Bermuda’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Network with your peers, engage with local service providers that cater to small businesses and entrepreneurs, celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy a night dedicated, to you, Bermuda’s Entrepreneurs. 
Why Attend?
  • Boost Your Business: Gain actionable insights to scale up your venture.
  • Expert Guidance: Hear from leading entrepreneurs and industry professionals.
  • Funding Opportunities: Learn about loans and financial support to kickstart or grow your business.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals, local service providers, and potential partners.
  • Skill-Building: Engage with local businesses that provide services that assist entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Vendor Booths: Explore a showcase of products and services targeted at the small business audience.
  • B2B Matchmaking: Engage with potential clients, suppliers, or partners.
  • Make Connections: Network with experts to discuss strategies for business growth, innovation, and sustainability.
  • Product Demos: Live demonstrations of cutting-edge business solutions.
  • Networking Lounge: A relaxed setting to form new business connections and collaborations.
Who Should Attend?
  • Small Business Owners: Discover new ways to manage and grow your business.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Turn your business idea into a reality.
  • Community Members: Learn how you can support and benefit from a thriving local business sector.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to catapult your business and enrich your community! Register today to secure your spot at the Thriving! Together: Festival of Entrepreneurship 2023.
Together, let’s build a vibrant and prosperous future for Bermuda’s business landscape! 
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The Festival of Entrepreneurship has become an annual event that our entrepreneurs look forward to every year and it continues to create opportunities for new ideas to be realized. This cooperative effort is made possible through public and private partnerships that lay the foundation for new entrepreneurs.