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48 Church Street, Hamilton Bermuda
48 Church Street, Hamilton Bermuda

Building Cooperatives: How to Become a Paid Cooperative Developer

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Jun 29 2023


12:15 pm - 1:15 pm


1st Floor, Sofia House. 48 Church Street, Hamilton


William Spriggs
William Spriggs

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Learn about BEDC’s cooperative business education process to become a sponsored (paid) coop developer to develop locally focused coop businesses.  If selected, after completion of BEDC’s coop developer educational series of workshops within a flexible 8 week period, you (and/or your team) will be approved to start drafting a coop business plan to have local economic impact, by either creating inclusive opportunities within existing businesses, identifying cooperative ways of meeting emerging needs, and/or taking advantage of new market opportunities.


Interested persons should be familiar, or at least comfortable, with learning about a typical business planning process, financial feasibility analysis and working with team dynamics.  Critical thinking, good communication (oral & written) and results oriented skillsets are a prerequisite. This info session is for persons that are desirous of developing cooperative businesses and are interested in securing a stipend for their time invested to develop a business plan that will include capacity for others to be included in either a collaborative and/or cooperative way.


Refreshments provided. Please register to attend. Space is limited.
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