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BEDC hosts World-Class Team of Practitioners for Cooperatives & Community Seminars

BEDC hosts World-Class Team of Practitioners for Cooperatives & Community Seminars

BEDC hosts World-Class Team of Practitioners for Cooperatives & Community Seminars

Dec 04 2018 • 6pm until 8:30pm

Cooperatives & Community Seminars


On the heels of the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation’s (BEDC) success with just hosting An Evening with Dr. Julian Manley, BEDC will be hosting two Cooperatives & Community seminars on December 4 & 5 at St. Paul’s Centennial Hall.  The two seminars will present foundations for thinking, planning and starting a new cooperative business.


The Cooperatives & Community seminars will feature the 1worker/1vote & LKS Team of 6 renown cooperative ecosystem practitioners and developers from the United States and Europe.  BEDC is excited to partner with the 1worker/1vote & LKS Team, all of whom have agreed to be a continuing open knowledge resource for BEDC and Bermudians that desire to start cooperative businesses.


The Tuesday, December 4 evening seminar will focus on introducing foundational cooperative development information, inclusive of understanding a cooperative business structure, the different types of cooperatives and the benefits of starting a cooperative business in Bermuda. In addition, there will be historical perspectives shared, notable ecosystems such as the highly successful Mondragon and information on financing your cooperative.


The Wednesday, December 5 evening seminar, designed to be a part II to the Tuesday evening, will focus on cooperative governance, local cooperative development opportunities and go deeper into financing your cooperative.  Both evenings will also feature a lively panel discussion with 1worker/1vote & LKS Team members with any eager attendees being able to receive direct feedback after sharing their cooperative development ideas.


BEDC’s partnering with Dr. Julian Manley (Preston Model) and his University of Central Lancashire in Preston, UK and the 1worker/1vote & LKS Team is consistent with the BEDC/ECD Unit’s aim to develop strategic alliances with world-class cooperative ecosystem practitioners and developers for the best design of innovative cooperative learning and development opportunities for Bermudians.

William Spriggs, Director of Economic & Cooperative Development at BEDC, stated: “BEDC’s Economic & Cooperative Development Unit is fully engaged in its cooperative educational campaign and is excited to host the Cooperatives & Community seminars as next level educational resources to Bermudians desirous of starting a cooperative business.  Our recent November 20 cooperative seminar with Dr. Manley was a great success.  The 1worker/1vote & LKS Team are renown cooperative ecosystem practitioners and developers who have individually achieved notable successes within their jurisdictions. Bermudians wanting to learn about the fascinating world of cooperatives in their pursuit of starting their own businesses should make every effort to attend these life and business changing seminars”.


The cooperative public seminars will take place on Tuesday, December 4 and Wednesday, December 5, both from 5:45pm to 8:30pm at St. Paul’s Centennial Hall, Hamilton.  Admission is FREE. Self RSVP to BEDC, 1st floor Sofia House, Hamilton email: or or call 292.5570. Refreshments will be served.