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Vending License Programme

Vending License Programme

About the Vending License Program

The Vending and Vendor Market Programme was created to facilitate micro-enterprise in Bermuda and to provide an pathway for budding entrepreneurs and small roadside vendors to test their products and organically grow their business before being committed to a storefront location. BEDC has an active programme to not only create vendor markets when opportunities arise, but to work with stakeholders to assist them in creating vendor markets as vibrant places to regenerate their communities. BEDC can assist with expertise, infrastructure, marketing and resources support to registered vendors who want to work together to create vendor markets. Whether individually or collectively, a vending license is required to vend in public places and is only required for the sale of retail goods (not services). Bermuda-made or locally-grown goods are not required to have a vending license.

A Few Details

Vending means selling goods by retail to passersby in a public place and includes offering or exposing goods for such sale. For an annual vending license, the cost is $100, and $25 for a 3-month temporary license – both payable at the time of the application. To purchase a vending license, please fill out the Vending License application form. Once approved, a member of our team will be in contact with you with purchasing instructions.

Who Can Apply?

A Vendor can only be Bermudian, Spouse of a Bermudian, or PRC holder. A Vendor must be 16 years or older to receive a vending license.

Vending License Checklist

Click here to view checklist as a guide please complete the following:

  • The Application Must be filled out completely, accurately and signed by the owner
  • You must provide a copy of either your Bermuda Driver’s License or your passport showing your facial image.
  • Three (3) References, on the 3 separate forms (Click here for form) Please write/type your name on the line below and give this form to a current/former employer, associate, clergy, professional, or colleague (i.e. someone who knows you well) to fill out on your behalf. This person cannot be related to you nor an alternate person manning your vending business.
  • You must provide a recent Utility Bill Showing your residential address, must match address on application.
  • Passport photo . Provide passport photo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vendor?

A Vendor is a person who sells, offers, or exposes goods for sale to passersby from a stall.

What is Vending?

Vending means selling goods by retail to passersby in a public place and includes offering or exposing goods for such sale. It no longer means selling door to door. The following activities are not vending under the Vending Act:
• the sale of goods by licensed Auctioneer;
• the sale of agricultural produce or horticultural produce;
• the sale of fish by a registered fisherman:
• supplying a service;
• the sale of food and drink by a person temporarily licensed to operate a food stall by the Department of Health;
• the sale of Bermuda-made products;
• selling newspapers;
• selling goods only at a fair, carnival, circus, or public exhibition; or
• selling goods where the profits are used solely for a charitable purpose.