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Raymond Jones

Raymond Jones




Ray Jones is Finance Director of BEDC.  Acting in this role for the last 5 years, he currently manages the Corporation’s finances and assists the Executive Director with all major decisions pertinent to the company’s operations; including meeting with Directors to discuss their Unit’s financial performance and objectives and meeting with financial related institutions as necessary.

Ray is a graduate of The Berkeley Institute, The Bermuda College and a 1991 graduate of Longwood College, Virginia State, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Accounting. He obtained his CPA designation in 1992 while training at Price Waterhouse/Gray & Kempe. Ray has over 25 years of work experience inclusive of Assistant Vice President of the Bank of Bermuda and CFO for the HWP Group of Companies HWP. In addition, Ray is an entrepreneur in his own right, having started his own Accountancy consulting firm, Faro Management Solutions, where he supported several clients including BEDC.