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Smiles by Landy

Smiles by Landy

Smiles By Landy

Smiles By Landy – Dr. Jewel Landy

The Smiles By Landy dental office consists of a highly educated professional team that provides quality, specialty care and treatment in the areas of implant and cosmetic dentistry. They work smart, seeking through continuous education, the most efficient way to reach their goals.

How the BEDC helped:

“The BEDC provided the financial security required to obtain the initial loan to open my dental office. From that time the loan has been repaid and our office has grown. I am thankful that they trusted and believed in my goal sufficiently to invest in my future.”

Advice to entrepreneurs:

Research and know your market. Discover where your passion lies and develop a business around that passion. Surround yourself with the right people from the beginning such as accountants, lawyers, and most importantly other small business owners.
Secure sufficient funds initially to get through the low cash flow of start up.
Speak personally with all your suppliers or associates. You need a network and support.
Do not grow too quickly.
Don’t be afraid to try new things and make mistakes. My best advancements and successes have come from making mistakes. However, it is important to be honest with yourself and others and simply admit that you made a mistake with a good or not so good outcome. This shows your character to the people around you.