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48 Church Street, Hamilton Bermuda

Seeking BEDC Sponsorship

BEDC partners with individuals and organisations to help deliver on its mandate to support and grow new and existing Bermuda businesses.  If you would like to receive support for an event or programme that has a direct impact on the community and helps to encourage and foster entrepreneurship in Bermuda, then please complete the BEDC Sponsorship Form. Your request will be reviewed, and we will contact you to advise next steps.

Criteria for sponsorship (requests should be aligned with the Mission and Vision of the BEDC):

  1. Alignment with Mission and Goals: The event or organization should align with the BEDC’s core mission. (Link the “Mission” and Vision” to our website descriptions)
  2. Target Audience: The sponsorship should reach the BEDC’s target demographic.
  3. Impact Potential: Evaluate the potential impact of the sponsorship. How will the event or organization will contribute to the growth and development of local businesses or a specific industry? Will it provide valuable networking opportunities, education, or resources? Will it provide an opportunity to increase BEDC membership?
  4. Visibility and Branding: Sponsorship should offer significant visibility to enhance the BEDC’s brand recognition and reputation.
  5. Budget and ROI: Does the ask fit within our budget?  Can we figure out other ways to sponsor that does not require a monetary play?  Do we foresee a reasonable ROI even if it is increased engagement and support for the local business community?
  6. Partnership Opportunities: Is there an opportunity for a long-term partnership with multiple events?
  7. Community and Cultural Impact: How does the event or organization impact the local community and does it resonate with the community’s values and needs?
  8. Compliance and Ethical Considerations: Ensure that the event or organization adheres to legal and ethical standards and does not have any negative feedback or perceptions from a public perspective.