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Pepto on the Run Messenger Service

Pepto on the Run Messenger Service


Pepto on the Run Messenger Service – Gailya Ratteray


Pepto on the Run is a cost effective, fast and efficient island wide messenger, delivery and errand service. They perform airport pickups, customs clearance, magazine distribution, delivery and collection of packages and transport them from homes to offices. Whether your need is personal or business, they are on-call daily, weekly, or monthly.

How the BEDC helped:

“BEDC assisted with my company loan, my business plan and with recommending my services to other clients. They helped me increase my business from 5 clients to over 50 and from one vehicle to five.”

Advice to entrepreneurs:

“All success starts with an idea, so start making it a reality immediately. You’ll only fail if you do not try. Remember to always do what you have to do today so that you will be able to do what you want to do tomorrow.”