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Horton’s Bermuda Rum Cakes

Horton’s Bermuda Rum Cakes


Horton’s Original Bermuda Black Rum Cakes – Linda Horton


Horton’s Rum Cakes is the world’s oldest existing rum cake business. They are also Bermuda’s first gourmet gift food exporter. Horton’s has grown to become one of Bermuda’s most famous names in gifts because of the sensational word of mouth advertising by satisfied customers!
The company was established in 1985 so that visitors and locals could experience the taste of Bermuda no matter where their travels carry them. Their cakes are distributed throughout the Island at retail outlets and select restaurants.

How the BEDC helped:
“BEDC was instrumental in guaranteeing a loan, which made it possible for me to get my business off the ground.”

Advice to entrepreneurs:
“You have to follow your passion!”